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    3Form Chroma

    Beautiful colours, huge range of hues, opacities and stunning effects
    Maximales Format


    • Colour layer on acrylic
    • Produced customer-specifically
    • More than 250 colour options

    Chroma is a collection of acrylic sheets with an applied translucent colour layer on the back of the sheet. Chroma is produced with beautiful colours that can be specified to create a huge range of hues, opacities and stunning effects.

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    Chroma is a collection of acrylic sheets with an applied translucent colour layer on the back of the sheet. Chroma is produced with beautiful colours that can be specified to create a huge range of hues, opacities and stunning effects. Chroma’s surface can be specified with a durable finish that can be easily refinished throughout its life. Chroma has excellent outdoor quality and is, therefore, suitable for use as signage and lighting, but also for indoor applications such as furniture or partition walls.

    This collection can be easily illuminated from the edge and is therefore suitable for fixtures, for example. In addition, this material has good optical properties and a very high light transmission. Chroma is a rigid, stable and sturdy material, making it suitable for horizontal applications. Chroma is available in every colour from the 3Form colour portfolio.

    This material can also be produced with a mirror layer: 3Form Chroma Reflect.

    View all available Chroma variants here.

    Stock and delivery options

    All materials are customer-specifically produced in Salt Lake City (USA) and then transported to Europe. These panels are not standard in stock, so the delivery time of these panels is on request. We only sell 3Form sheets to business customers with a minimum order quantity. It is not possible to order the sheets to size, only per full sheet. The panels are offered in the standard sizes 4 “x 8” (1200x2400mm) and 4 “x 10” (1200x3000mm). All dimensions and squareness are subject to a tolerance of 3/16 “(4.7 mm). The standard thicknesses are 1/2 ”(12.7 mm) and 1/4” (6.3 mm).

    Samples Chroma

    Would you like to order samples from the Varia collection? You can request this via the 3Form website. We can send loan samples to business relations who regularly use our materials. For this you can contact our sales department via sales@pyrasied.nl.

    About 3Form

    Surprising: after 14 years, producer 3Form is back at PyraSied! Superb plastics and unsurpassed marketing: 3Form is the superlative, no doubt neither necessary nor possible. “Leading manufacturer of award-winning sustainable materials and hardware solutions for the Architecture & Design industry”. It is clear how 3Form positions itself. In terms of the quality of their materials, this is certainly justified, 3Form materials are particularly good.

    Other product groups by 3Form

    The Varia collection consists of moldable ecoresin acrylic sheets with an embedding. You can play endlessly with combinations of colour, texture and light. This material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Varia has layers that you can colour or leave clear. Then you can add patterns, colours and interlayers and watch your own unique vision come to life. Varia consists of a number of fixed designs, but it is possible to put together your own combination for your project.

    The 3Form colour portfolio consists of 250 translucent colours that you can combine with different colour gradations and interlayers with patterns. Take a look at the 3Form site to discover what the possibilities are with Varia.

    Varia is an award-winning 3form product and has the added benefit of being made from a specially formulated co-polyester resin that combines performance with environmental responsibility. Varia contains 40% pre-consumer recycled material without compromising aesthetics or overall physical properties, is compatible with one of the largest post-consumer recycle streams and is GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality Certified.

    View all available Varia variants here.

    The Koda XT collection has been specially developed for outdoor applications, as it is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate with an applied colour layer. As a result, this collection offers design and quality. 3form Koda XT offers colour, durability and design freedom for the most extreme environments and applications. These panels deliver the best performance of all resin panels. Color, finish and translucency combined with endless design options, Koda XT is the perfect medium for exterior architectural applications.

    View all available Koda XT variants here.


    Acrylat / PMMA / Acrylglas, Polycarbonat

    Plattenstärke in mm:

    6mm, 12mm


    Klar, Durchscheinende Farben

    Maximales Plattenformat:



    Architektur, Innenausbau, Ladeneinrichtung, Schiffsbau


    farbstabil, Leicht, vollständig recycelbar, wetterfest, chemisch beständig


    beidseitig satiniert, glänzend

    Technische Angaben
    Ausdehnungskoeffizient, linear:
    Sägezuschnitt Toleranzen:
    Elastizitätsmodul Et:
    Sägezuschnitte der Kanten :
    Verwandte Materialien
    PyraSied: Ihr Komplettanbieter für Acrylglas-, Polycarbonat- und Designkunststoffe

    Mehr als 35 Jahre Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Bearbeitung von Acrylglas und Design Kunststoffen.


    Schnelle Lieferzeit, auf Wunschmaß und immer aus eigenem Lagervorrat in ganz Europa.


    Wir sind Kunststoffspezialisten und liefern Maßarbeit für jedermann, sowohl Serienfertigung als auch 'one-offs'.


    Jährlich entwickeln wir neue Design- und Farbenkollektionen und begleiten kundenspezifische Acrylglasherstellungen für Projekte.

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