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    The Transformer Old Scuola

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    The founders of Old Scuola, Marco and Daniël, known for their food trucks and pizza restaurant in Rotterdam, are launching a unique and innovative project; ‘The Transformer’. A flexible, mobile pizza pavilion for large event catering. Inventive, hydraulic, colossal!

    There is nothing like it
    ‘The Transformer’ transcends the status quo of event catering. When Old Scuola was founded in 2012 the initiators believed that event catering could be done much better. Throughout the years that idea has stuck and has now resulted in something extraordinary. Using the best wood ovens in the world (3000 kilos each) on events always seemed impossible. However, that’s exactly what they have realized with ‘The Transformer’; a spacious, hyper-industrial machine where not one, but two wood ovens have been used.
    With one push of a button, ‘The Transformer’ unfolds itself or can be taken down. It is super innovative and makes an end to all logistic challenges thanks to architectural design office IWT. ‘The Transformer’ has single-handedly raised the bar for the event catering business.

    It was a very intensive project, the execution of it seemed a bit more challenging than the idea. Consider, for instance, the steel beams which had to be big enough to support the large ovens, counters, and canopies. Therefore, made from hardened steel (20 x 20 cm), which is a huge weight. Hydraulics have been used to control ‘The Transformer’.
    Not only steel is used to create ‘The Transformer’ also an innovative type of recycled plastic. Funny detail, the pattern is similar to the gluten structure of the pizzas. It took months and months of hard labor to realize ‘The Transformer’. No detail has been left untouched, the result is breathtaking, astonishing, and enormous.

    As a centerpiece, ‘The Transformer’ has a gigantic disco ball with a cross-section of over a meter. A hell of an eye-catcher for the finishing sparkle touch.

    About Old Scuola
    Two friends, both with different backgrounds; Marco, originally an archaeologist, and Daniël, a structural engineer, decided to stir things up within the catering industry.
    Sustainability isn’t something to only talk about, but it’s something to really live by. That was the start of Old Scuola in 2012; a sustainable, of high quality and therefore a justifiable event catering business. This motto was and still is the DNA of the company. Old Scuola always tries to find new ways for the circular economy of the company.
    Old Scuola represents the classic Italian kitchen but in a more contemporary way. The pizzas are based on the Neapolitan style. A light fluffy crust with fresh, pure ingredients and without any unnecessary additives.
    Old Scuola collaborates with suppliers who share the same strive for quality. Preferably locally, but also from Italy. The buffalo mozzarella and the fior di latte are made locally from their own recipe. Understanding where your food comes from generates control over everything you do and creates the exact taste palate which Old Scuola is known for.

    Corporate events or private parties, Old Scuola will make it happen.

    They have catered to companies like KLM, The Food Line-up, Green Choice, Saatchi & Saatchi, Unilever, The Ocean Cleanup, among others. With an FD Gazellen nomination, they have also won their spurs in the festival catering business. From Lowlands, Pinkpop, Into the Great Wide Open, Lollapalooza, North Sea Jazz, Best Kept Secret and Amsterdam Open Air, Old Scuola can’t be ignored anymore.


    Design: Old Scuola


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