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    How it all started…

    Sied Kooistra makes acrylic furniture in a self-designed atelier in his own home. These furniture pieces get noticed by someone from an acrylic factory Casolith (now Altuglas®) and the city architect Hans Heijdeman. He arranges that Sied can engage in a workshop in an old jenever (Dutch gin) factory, where Sied designs a production line for the manufacturing of acrylic lamps and furniture. It is 1984.



    When the municipality of Leeuwarden decides that PyraSied can no longer stay in the jenever (Dutch gin) factory, Sied and Gonneke move to an old school with more space for good machinery. PyraSied may become the official distributor of the Altuglas® brand at that time. In addition to acrylic, technical plastics and PVC foam are added to the stock program of PyraSied. These are the first steps towards professionalization and further growth of the company. PyraSied now has 8 employees.



    After 10 years in the ‘old school’, Sied and Gonneke will be making an important decision: Do we remain to be a ‘small’ craft business or are we really going for it? This question is finally answered with the purchase of a new building at a new location: De Hemrik industrial site.



    Sied and Gonneke introduce in 2004 a new phenomenon onto the Dutch market: the design plastics. Sied has put together a collection of design plastics and Gonneke makes the presentations.



    PyraSied has great success in acrylics. With acrylic sheets, tubes, rods, other plastics and design plastics in stock, one facility is not enough. Therefore, in 2004 another warehouse will be built and in 2008 the third warehouse.



    The team of PyraSied is having 20 employees in 2012. The acrylic sheet on top of the car refers to early times when Sied and Gonneke transported a sheet of acrylic on top of their car from the acrylic factory to their own workshop.



    Because Sied finds it a shame that an opal sheet only transmits 30% of light, he develops an opal sheet with a manufacturer that transmits 60% of light and diffuses the light evenly at the same time. The optimized opal sheet, which now has the name of a light diffuser, gives PyraSied access to a completely new market, the lighting industry.



    Sander de Boer and Marieke Pietersma become the co-owners of PyraSied in 2014. They will gradually take over the business of Sied Kooistra.



    With the materials, we have developed and the Faux Translucent Stone collection, we are no longer bound to the Netherlands and Belgium. We can spread our wings. By the end of 2016, PyraSied buys the last free piece of adjacent ground. With 30 employees (and counting) and the largest stock in the Benelux, acrylic sheets, tubes, rods and design plastics, PyraSied outgrew its premises, again!



    PyraSied now has 31 employees and the construction of our fourth hall has started.



    At the end of 2018, PyraSied launched its environmentally-friendly plastic collection in the European market. Greencast® has always been an important material in our acrylic collection, but now we have expanded this collection with more than 25 variants in different colours and thicknesses. Recycled acrylic has been available in the Netherlands for seven years in the clear transparent version. In this time where we are so conscious of our impact on the environment, recycled acrylic is increasingly in demand in the market. And that makes sense because in terms of clarity, material properties and price there is no difference with standard cast acrylic.

    We think it is important that everyone who wants to use acrylic in their idea or product can now also opt for the recycled variant. That is why we have expanded the Greencast® collection. In the coming years, we will further expand this collection with several colours. Greencast® is made from 100% recycled, used acrylic and also Greencast® can be completely recycled again.

    In addition to Greencast®, we have also added environmentally friendly design plastics to our collection; namely, Smile Plastics and Durat® Palace. From 2019, PyraSied is the official distributor in the Netherlands for these two sustainable design plastics. Smile Plastics are plastic sheets made from plastic waste such as PET bottles, cutting boards, yoghurt pots and packaging material. The Finnish Durat® Palace is a durable solid surface material. It is made with 30% recycled acrylic and can be completely recycled after use.

    PyraSied milieuvriendelijke kunststoffen header


    Our fourth industrial building was delivered on April 2019. With this, we add 2,000 m2 and we arrive at a total of 5,000 m2 for stock, offices and our machine park! This allows us to offer an even more extensive plastic program in the field of acrylic, PETG, polycarbonate and design plastics.


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