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    Acrylic project of the year

    Every year we are again surprised by the most diverse projects with our materials. We are very proud of that! The most successful project is therefore rewarded with the Acrylic Award of the Year.

    project van het jaar

    2018: Ace & Tate by S-P-A-C-E projects

    The acrylic price of 2018 was won by the Dutch architects S-P-A-C-E projects with the design for the Amsterdam store of Ace & Tate. Especially for this project we have had two of our Versato® New Colour colours produced in 8mm.

    In our view, this is a very successful project because of the beautiful colour combination and the correct use of the material acrylic. The transparency, colour purity and the combination with light, that is acrylic at its best! It all comes back in Ace & Tate’s store, which is why PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic has named this project the most successful acrylic project of the year.

    acrylaatproject_2017 sabinemarcelis ENG logo groot

    2017: Salle Privée house no. 8 by Sabine Marcelis

    An impressive design in which contrasts perfectly match. By combining the interior of the 16th century Pallazo Recalcati, which is fairly soft in colour, with a rather imposing smoke brown. But also by placing large units in a detailed space that are very simple in shape and without any detail. It is almost brutalistic! Compliments to Sabine Marcelis for this beautiful design and this very nice application of our material. Sabine is the rightful winner this year of the Acrylic Award of 2017!

    For us, it was also a very exciting project. Especially because the project had to be realized in a very short time and in the holiday month August. Colour development, production, fabrications and assembly in Milan, everything had to be done super fast. With a little crew, we have accomplished to make this complex but very successful job.

    Do you want to see more photos of Salle Privée house no. 8 by Sabine Marcelis? Take a look on our Acrylic Community!

    acrylaatproject_2016 mvrdv pyrasied MR

    2016: Infinity Kitchen by MVRDV

    Infinity Kitchen is a special materialization of Winnie Maas’s broader vision of transparency in society. Infinity Kitchen has received a lot of (well-deserved) international attention, it is not only great idea, it has also been very successful! That is why MVRDV has definitely earned the acrylic price of the year in 2016!

    This project also shows what is possible with acrylic. For us, this was a very challenging project. Everything in this kitchen was transparent! We could not hide anything in the infinity kitchen, the complete finish and every detail is visible. The hinges, the sink, the drain, the tap, everything is made of transparent clear acrylic.

    Do you want to see more photos of the Infinity Kitchen by MVRDV? Take a look on our Acrylic Community!

    acrylaatproject_2015 oma pyrasied MR

    2015: Locker cabinets Timmerhuys by OMA

    OMA from Rotterdam has won the 2015 acrylic award! With the particularly beautiful locker cabinets in the Timmerhuis in Rotterdam, architect Katrien van Dijk has shown what the possibilities are with acrylic and how beautiful the material is with light. No doubt for PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic that this project is the most successful acrylic project of 2015!

    PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic finds the combination of yellow acrylic for the interior and the use of PyraLed3 for the doors very successful. The material and colour combination give the locker cabinets a special appearance and a surprising effect when the doors are open. Moreover, this design shows well how beautiful the material acrylic is in combination with light.

    Do you want to see more photos of the locker cabinets Timmerhuys by OMA? Take a look on our Acrylic Community!

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