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    Bending of acrylic

    PyraSied is having multiple ovens and beamers in our machine park where we can bend our plastics. The maximal capacity of our ovens is 3 meter. The technique that is going to be used is dependent on the radius and the thickness. We would like to bend your acrylic or polycarbonate marine glazing and/or other plastic projects.

    Special bending tips from PyraSied:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    How can I oven bend/drape acrylics (plexiglass)?

    For oven bending we use high quality moulds that we produce ourselves. We have several ovens in our processing hall in which we can deform two-axis acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG. The fabrication of marine glazing or spiral staircase panels are examples of this.

    Up to which size can I bend plastics?

    The maximum size that we can bend is 2800mm wide x 1800mm deep x 800mm high.

    What are the delivery times of custom made marine glazing?

    The delivery times of marine glazing are approximately 4 weeks. Mold costs are calculated separately. After that, the mold becomes your property and is therefore included in the delivery (very useful for the future, because a mold can be used multiple times).

    How can I vacuum form acrylic?

    Vacuum forming is a widely used and efficient way of forming acrylics in the desired shape. The plastic is heated up, becomes deformable and is then drawn to the mould with vacuum and/or pressure.  This is special field of fabrication.

    PyraSied cannot carry out vacuum forming, however we are having multiple contacts who can do this. We would be happy to get you into contact with the suitable vacuum former for your demand. Please contact us for this.

    How can I line bend acrylic?

    With line bending is a sheet of plastics locally heated above a straight filament. In this way, the material can be bend into a small radius. This is a technique that we can provide.

    How can I cold bend acrylic?

    Acrylic can be cold bended into a radius of 320x the material thickness. For example; an acrylic sheet of 5mm can be bend into a radius of 5 x 320 = 1600mm. Polycarbonate can be cold bended into a radius of 100x the material thickness.

    Do I need to provide a template/mold?

    That is possible, but we can also make a mold. Mold costs are calculated separately. After this, the mold is your property and therefore comes along with the delivery (useful for the future, because a mold can be used more often).


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