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    Bonding of acrylic

    PyraSied is specialized in the adhesion of acrylic and other plastics. Our bonding work can be recognized because of the high (museum) quality we deliver and the eye for detail. We have several technologies including UV-bonding and 2K-bonding. PyraSied specializes in the gluing of acrylic (Plexiglas) We bond transparent acrylic without visible adhesive residue or glue edges.

    Bonding specializations of PyraSied:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    How does acrylic bonding with 2K glue work?

    For this, we use the two components glue of Acrifix 190. This glue is appropriate for clear, strong and durable bonding of acrylic. We always recommend to let acrylic be glued by an expert because the glue is flammable and volatile!

    After mixing the two components, it is possible to start gluing for about 25 minutes. After about 45 minutes the glue is substantially cured. Complete curing takes place in an oven at about 90 degrees Celsius. The glued parts should be tension free as the glue shrinks about 20%. Once again, we recommend to let acrylic be glued by an expert.

    How does acrylic bonding with 1K glue work?

    Acrifix 192 is a 1 component polymerisation glue on acrylic basis. Hardening takes place with normal light. The hardening time depends on the amount of light that is present in the gluing space. The hardening time is normally about one hour. The bond line of 1K glue is strong and clear. The glue shrinks about 20% after curing. This type of glue has to be stashed in a dark room, because the glue is containing a hardener that can start the polymerisation process when it is exposed to light.

    How does acrylic bonding with 1K cyano acrylic glue work?

    Cyano acrylic glue is known as superglue (dry in seconds). It is important to know that this glue is very powerful and before you know it, your fingers are sticking together. Be careful!

    These type of glues are giving clear but not completely air bubble free results. This glue is very strong and durable. However, spilling causes problems because this glue is very powerful. Only mechanical operations provide relief.

    We always recommend to let acrylic be glued by an expert, especially with this type of glue. The vapours that come free are irritating to the mucous membranes and eyes. Good ventilation is essential.


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