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    Custom made marine glazing

    Are you searching for custom made marine glazing? PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic is specialized in bending marine glazing, front- and side glazing, shutters and cabinets. Whether it is a speedboat or a seaworthy yacht.

    We can easily customize a new boat window for you by using your old boat window. You can choose from more than 8 different colours and various thicknesses. Whether your boat window has to be bent or flat, whether it needs mounting holes or not. We can make it ready-to-use and fast for you as well.

    Why a boat window of acrylic?

    Click here to see our full offer of boat windows of acrylic.

    Or rather polycarbonate?

    Polycarbonate is more impact resistant than acrylic and is recommended to be used for seaworthy yachts. You can choose between clear polycarbonate or polycarbonate in two colours (smoke brown and anthracite) in various thicknesses.

    Click here to see our full offer of boat windows of polycarbonate.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is it possible to recreate my old boat window?

    Yes, this is definitely possible. With a flat window, we can use the old window as a mould. The old window should still be completely intact. If the old window is in pieces, we can put the pieces together and make a wooden mould. This template is used to create a new window that is identical to the old window.

    What is the delivery time of a boat window?

    This depends on how busy it is. You can count on a delivery time of approximately 2 weeks for flat windows. For windows that need to be warm bended, you can count on a delivery time of approximately 3 weeks.

    Is it possible to order bended boat windows?

    Yes, this is possible. We can warm bend your boat window on a mould. Acrylic can be cold bended, but not in any case. For example, because of the thickness of the material or a too small radius. If cold bending is not possible, we can warm bend the material for you on a mould.
    Polycarbonate can be cold bended. This is because polycarbonate is more flexible than acrylic.

    When do I choose for a polycarbonate boat window and when do I choose for an acrylic boat window?

    90% of our boat windows that are sold are made of acrylic. This is because of the aesthetic characteristics of this material. The window needs to look nice and there is multiple colour options. Acrylic is available in various thicknesses and colours, is optically pure and is easy to fabricate on location.
    Polycarbonate boat windows are mainly chosen because it is more impact resistant than acrylic. This characteristic is very important for big ships that needs to endure massive powers. You can choose from clear polycarbonate and two other colours; smoke brown and anthracite. This material is available in various thicknesses. The edges of the polycarbonate boat window is less important than with acrylic boat windows.

    Can I order samples of boat windows?

    Yes, it is possible to order samples of our three transparent colours appropriate for boat windows. By ordering samples, you can check the colour of the material beforehand. We only have one thickness in stock: 8 mm.

    Click here for acrylic.

    Click here for polycarbonate.

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