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    Cutting of acrylic

    PyraSied specializes in the cutting of acrylic and other plastics. We cut plastic sheets, tubes and rods with an exquisite precision. We are having six cutting machines in our machine park (vertical, horizontal, computer-controlled, shortcut- and wall saws. The largest cutting machine is having a capacity of a thickness of 100 mm with a length of 4 meter.

    Special cutting tips of PyraSied:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I cut acrylic/Plexiglas with a hand saw?

    For simple work, an iron saw with a tooth spacing of about half the material thickness can be used. It works better with cast material than with extruded material.

    How do I cut acrylic/Plexiglas with a circular saw?

    Two types of saw blades are used for circular saws. Namely with tooth of hard material (HM) and with tooth with high speed steel (HSS). The results achieved are dependent on the stability of the saw, geometry of the saw blade and the engine speed. We use hard metal sheets with a ‘daktand’ and large free-range corners. The saw tooth slopes slightly backwards. the diameter of 300mm is widely used. The recommended speed is 3200 revolutions per minute. For manual circular saws, a 200mm saw diameter is widely used. In that case the speed is 4800 revolutions per minute. A saw blade usually has between 60 and 90 teeth.

    How do I cut acrylic/Plexiglas with a band saw?

    The great advantage of band sawing is that you can cut according to curved lines. The saw cut is only less beautiful and accurate. The post processing of this cutting method can be time consuming. The saw is mainly used for prototypes and for thick block material. All band saws that have a speed of 15 to 25 per second can be used. Cooling is recommended! Band saws are usually having change-gear toothing and a 90 degree cutting angle. At a thickness of less than 15mm, we recommend to use a saw with about 5 teeth per centimetre and with thicker material 4 teeth per centimetre.

    How do I cut acrylic/Plexiglas with a jig saw?

    A jig saw is similar to a band saw. Here too, you can cut curved lines. However, because the saw blade does not run around but goes up and down, the danger of hot running is much greater. It is advisable to always do a test to determine the correct speed, given time range and material thickness. Cooling is important. It is also essential to put the saw machine in the correct position, never in a shuttle movement.


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