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    Drilling and tapping of acrylic

    Drilling and tapping of acrylic and other plastics is of course one of the additional services PyraSied is offering you. Simply drilling a few holes or large serial orders, we are happy to be at your service. Drilling of acrylic deserves patience to get the perfect drilling holes.

    Drilling tips of PyraSied for acrylic and other plastics

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Why is it important to drill slowly?

    If the drill is pushed through the acrylic, cracks will appear in the material. That is why is important to drill the acrylic in steps. Drilling requires care and patience, when you do this the result is the most beautiful!

    Why do I need to secure the material to a surface or should I put it against before I am drilling acrylic?

    To ensure that (parts of) the material does not blast away and will get you hurt.

    What should I put the acrylic on before I'm going to drill?

    It is important that the acrylic or any other plastic is on a flat surface so that the material does not break.


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