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    Containers made of acrylic

    PyraSied can produce custom made containers and trays made of acrylic or other plastics. Whether it is big or small, serial or just one piece. All our containers are always air bubble free and without visible glue edges.

    We have experience in producing large series of custom made containers and trays made of acrylic or other plastics, but we can also produce one single piece whether it is big or small. We are having all the material on stock at all times and we can provide you with all the fabrications. PyraSied is very flexible with the wishes of our customers. We would like to help you with your questions and we can translate simple drawings to our own working drawings. We can also make custom made showcases and dust covers of acrylic for you.

    You can choose from a lot of different colours from our stock. Click here to view our complete stock of acrylic sheets.

    containers of high quality

    Reliable, because we can always deliver and quickly too! We have all materials in stock here and all fabrications are carried out in our production warehouse by our hand fabrication team. We can therefore also flexibly help you with all your wishes.

    Expert, because we have more than 35 years of experience in making large and small series of custom showcases. But we can also produce single display cases for you.

    What is certain is that our containers are always made bubble-free and without visible adhesive edges. Also, or rather, if your container differs from the usual, you have come to the right place. We can make containers up to 3 meters long, cases with round corners and round domes up to a diameter of 610 mm.

    Benefits of a container made of acrylic

    Acrylic containers do not have green edges, they are completely transparent. In addition, acrylic is optically purer than glass, it has a light transmission of up to 92%! Acrylic is also 25 times stronger than glass and much lighter in weight. This material is available in multiple colours, thicknesses and surface structures. So you can have a container in any colour that we have in stock. If desired, we can provide the containers with (sunken) mounting holes. Acrylic is very easy to fabricate into a final product. Challenge us with your project and request a quote below.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are the benefits of acrylic containers in comparison to glass?
    • Containers made of acrylic do not have green edges
    • Acrylic is more optically pure than glass (light transmission of 92%)
    • Acrylic is lighter than glass
    • Acrylic is less breakable than glass
    What kind of acrylic containers can PyraSied create?
    • We make both small as well as big containers (up to 3 meters) custom made for you. We can also make showcases.
    • You can choose from clear acrylic containers, but you can also choose from many different colours.
    • We can (miter) bond the containers quickly with a high quality such as in museums
    The last stone - project Ruitenberg Ingredients B.V. - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic

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