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    Professionally bonding of acrylic

    PyraSied specializes in the professional bonding of acrylic and other plastics such as polycarbonate and PETG. The glueing work of PyraSied can be recognized by the high quality and the eye for detail (museum quality). We have various technologies including UV and 2K bonding. PyraSied specializes in particular in the bonding of acrylics.

    Bonding quality from PyraSied

    PyraSied has more than 35 years of experience in fabricating plastics. We are mainly specialized in glueing, for example, showcases, cabinets and dust covers with museum quality. This means that the bonding is completely seamless and that the edges are perfectly finished. Glue residues are no longer visible and due to the glueing, the different sheets appear to be fused together. Due to the bonding, the individual parts become one whole.

    It is possible to glue the edges with a mitre joint or butt joint. With mitre bonding, the edges are milled by 45 degrees and are fused together by means of UV bonding. The glue flows into the edge and no post-fabrications are required. Mitre bonding is therefore also cheaper than butt joint bonding. Mitre bonding is mainly chosen for display cases, dust covers, cover caps, cash register furniture and cupboards. Mitre bonding is the best solution, especially when using a transparent material.

    Another option is butt joint bonding of the material. With butt joint glueing, the edges remain straight and they are glued to each other with UV bonding. When glueing, the glue runs into the seam. After that, it is necessary to mill and polish the material for a clean finish. A butt joint is recommended for large, heavy objects made with thick sheets that must be extra strong. Some examples are large cupboards, furniture or objects for interior applications. Butt joint bonding is the strongest bonding technique there is.

    Another glue specialization that PyraSied can perform is the flat bonding of 2 or more sheets that are glued together. With this technique, it is possible to create special colour gradients. The colours blend playfully into each other due to the bonding. It is also possible to create a beautiful in-depth effect by glueing a thick clear acrylic sheet onto a coloured sheet.

    Types of bonding techniques

    Normally, we use 1K-bonding techniques, also known as UV-bonding. For this technique, we use Acrifix 192 1 component polymerisation glue on acrylic base. The curing takes place with regular light. The glue seam of 1K glue is strong and clear. For an even stronger connection, we make use of a cyano acrylic glue, also known as super glue. This type of glue gives a clear, but not completely air bubble-free result.

    For sheets thicker than 15mm, we use a 2K-bonding technique (two components). For this technique, we make use of Acrifix 190 2 components glue. This glue is suitable for clear, strong and durable seams of acrylic. We recommend that you always have acrylic glued by an expert.


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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are examples of end products you can create with bonding techniques?

    With our different bonding techniques, we can bond serial volumes with great detail for all professionals. PyraSied offers the following options for professionals in the market:

    • Display cases and dust covers for museums and galleries
    • Cabinets for restaurants, retail and offices
    • Machine covers and reactors for the industry
    • Furniture such as tables, chairs
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Checkout furniture and counters for retail

    For examples of glued end products, we kindly refer you to our inspiration platform. www.acryliccommunity.com. Here you can find various applications of our plastics that have been fabricated into an end product.

    What information do you need to prepare a quote?

    PyraSied provides fabrications for all professional customers who use our materials in their idea or project. It is possible to request a personal quote through our sales department (sales@pyrasied.nl). To prepare a suitable offer, we need the following information:

    • The chosen material and the required thickness
    • Desired edge-finishing
    • Dimensions and amount
    • A digital drawing or example with shapes and sizes (.dwg, .dxf, .ai)

    Our sales staff will then proceed with the request. To speed up the process, we would like to receive what the wishes are as extensively as possible. Our sales department usually answers all incoming requests within 48 hours. Every customer receives a personal quote.

    How long does it take to receive a quote?

    Our sales department usually answers within 48 hours on workdays.

    Do you only accept serial projects or also one-off projects?

    We carry out our fabrications for all professionals who can use our materials in their idea or project. We work for, for example, interior builders, museums, architects, interior designers, industry and the lighting sector. We carry out both one-off productions and serial projects for these different sectors.

    For the industry, we regularly make tailor-made machine covers for a new type of machine, for example. At the same time, we are making several cupboards for the interior construction of a new restaurant, such as The Kitchen in the Bijenkorf, Utrecht. In addition, we are very experienced in bonding custom-made display cases and dust covers for the museum sector.

    What is the edge-finishing of glued plastic sheets?

    The edges of glued acrylic parts are always sleek and seamless. We ensure that no air bubbles are visible and that the parts fit together perfectly. With butt joint glueing, we still carry out post-fabrications such as post-milling and post-polishing of the material. This is not necessary for mitre bonding. We check every part before it is sent and we ensure that an end product is delivered according to the supplied drawing and desired edge finish.

    How long does it take before my acrylic can be glued?

    The delivery time of our fabrications is on request. The delivery time depends on the crowds. The delivery time for glueing acrylic is usually 1 to 2 workweeks.

    Contact our sales department via sales@pyrasied.nl for the exact delivery time.

    I would like to glue your material myself. Do you have tips for me?

    We recommend that you always have your material glued by someone who has experience with this. Bonding plastics can be dangerous since you are dealing with volatile, flammable substances. PyraSied specializes in bonding acrylic and other plastics, we are happy to help you with your project. Would you still like to get started yourself? Then we have a number of tips.

    • The fumes from adhesives can be irritating to mucous membranes and eyes. Good ventilation and safety glasses are therefore essential.
    • 1 component polymerization adhesive must always be stored in a dark place. This type of glue contains a hardener that starts the polymerization process as soon as some light is present.
    • 1 component cyano acrylic adhesive is a very powerful adhesive, a superglue! Before you realize it, your fingers are glued together, so be careful. Spilling this glue gives problems, only mechanical fabrications offer relief.
    • Always take into account some shrinkage after curing. The glued parts must always be stress-free after glueing. The glue usually shrinks about 20% after curing.
    • The curing time of the glue depends on the amount of light present in the glue room. With a 1K glue, this is usually 1 hour. The cure time is considerably shorter with 2K glue! After mixing the two components, one usually has 25 minutes to glue. After approximately 45 minutes, the glue is largely cured. If you want to speed up the curing process, you can place the product in a 90 degree Celsius oven.

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