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    Laminating foil onto acrylic

    Laminating foil onto acrylic, polycarbonate or PETG is an efficient and effective way to give transparent sheets a colour, to make it anti-burglary, anti-graffiti or sun-protective with mirror layers with varying degrees of permeability.

    Very beautiful are the optically pure coloured two-way mirrors, the effect foils such as the radiant dichroic foil and the DG-rainbow foils. Multiple foils can also be used for applications in the lighting industry such as diffusion foils, UGR-foils and light-shaping foils. We haven’t done the research yet to holographic and projection foils. However, we have already found out that the spy mirror foil is perfect to be used for projections. Our research department will never be bored, because there is always something to examine! Our plan is to create a ‘clean room’ in 2020 where we can laminate foils on acrylic sheets with a very high quality.

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