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    This is the page for the frequently asked questions about our materials, shipping, pricing, fabrications et cetera.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    I cannot find a product on your website, who can I contact for this?

    Get into contact with one of our plastic specialists and we like to help you with your questions as soon as possible:

    +31 (0)58-7676100

    Why can't I order all of the material online?

    Materials that we do not have in stock, but that we can produce custom-specific cannot be ordered online. In addition, our design plastics are special materials that also require special treatment and explanation. We advise our customers how to apply these materials so that the best results are achieved. Also, some of our material cannot be made cut to size and can only be ordered per full sheet.

    How long does it take until I receive an order confirmation?


    Is it possible to deliver internationally?

    Yes, we ship packages in Europe (no pallets). We do not ship orders via the web shop outside of Europe, but international customers can always contact our plastic specialists for the possibilities.

    I have a question about a certain type of material and I cannot find this material on your website. Who do I need to get in touch with?

    Light diffusers: Jos Hoekstra, Sied Kooistra
    Faux Translucent Stone: Floris Lantink
    Plastic wall cladding: Piers Zeegers
    Fabrications: Jos Hoekstra, Floris Lantink
    Marine glazing: Jos Hoekstra
    Online orders: Monique Reitsma
    Invoices or other financial questions: Sietske Dijkstra
    Samples: Christiane Schramm-Terpstra
    Do you have another question? Please contact Matthijs Bolhuis

    Check our PyraPeople page for contact information.

    Can I order your material cut to size (for free)?

    Yes, this is possible. You will receive your cut to size material the following day if you order before 12:00. This only applies to straight cuts. And only in the Netherlands and Belgium.

    What are the various fabrication possibilities of your material?

    We can saw, laser-cut, mill, bend, polish and bond your material.

    For all information about the fabrication of our material, please visit our information page. If you have further questions, please get into contact with our plastic specialists.

    What is the difference between XT acrylic and GS acrylic?

    GS (cast) acrylic is optically pure, but is having a greater tolerance deviation on the thickness. XT (extruded) is dimensionally stable, but is less optically pure. The optical differences are barely visible, certainly with small sheets. Furthermore, XT sheets are having more internal tension in the material which makes it less easy to fabricate.

    Are you having plastic residues?

    No, we recycle all of our material. If you are looking for smaller sizes of plastics, you can also order this online via our website.

    How can I adjust my order in my shopping cart?

    On the left side you will see a small grey cross, if you click on this cross, you will remove the item. Then, you can re-add the material in the colour and/or dimension you desire.

    Why are the shipping costs so expensive?

    In the shipping costs is the fabrication price included that we have to carry out for your material.

    For example

    • A cut to size sheet
    • The packaging of the material so there is no damage
    • Collecting the material from our warehouse with a forklift truck.
    Can I also pay on invoice as a private individual?

    No, this is not possible. We offer you the following payment possibilities: credit card, iDEAL, PayPal, Bancontant/MisterCash and Giropay.

    How do I clean acrylic?

    You can use a bit of water in combination with some detergent. Do NOT use Glassex.

    We also have a selected cleaning product named: VuPlex. We recommend to use this product for cleaning acrylic. In addition to the safe cleaning of acrylic, it also serves as a protective coating, which means that the acrylic is not static either. You can order this cleaning material in our webshop.

    What are the delivery times (fabrications)?

    Sawing: 1 to 2 days
    Laser-cutting: 1 week
    Milling: 1 week
    Bending in the oven: 3 to 4 weeks
    Bending (cold) : 2 weeks
    Polishing: mechanical 1 week, by hand 2 weeks
    Bonding: miter glue 2 weeks, 2 components 3 weeks

    Which material can I use for outdoor use?

    Acrylic is 100% UV-resistant. Acrylic can be used for 30 years for outdoor use without yellowing.

    If the material should also be impact resistant, then polycarbonate is the most suitable material. Please note that you must choose a UV-proof polycarbonate sheet.

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