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    Professional milling of acrylic

    Milling plastics is a machining operation in which material (such as acrylic) is removed with the help of a rotary cutter. Thanks to this technique, grooves, holes and contours can easily be milled in thick material.

    PyraSied has three CNC-controlled, flat-bed milling machines with which we can machine all our available plastics to size. Plastics such as acrylic (Plexiglas), polycarbonate and PETG are very suitable for this fabrication. The maximum working range of our milling machines is 4000 x 2000 mm. With our machines, we can mill plastic sheets and blocks up to at least 160 mm thick.

    Milling quality from PyraSied

    With our extensive CNC machine park, we can offer various milling fabrications such as contour milling, engraving, groove milling, mitre milling and depth milling. Each technique is for different outcomes and this is further explained in the frequently asked questions below. Our milling machines are fully computer-controlled and can therefore easily read digital files such as AutoCAD. Utilizing the digital file, the desired product can be made to measure with high accuracy. The edges of plastic sheets are somewhat duller than usual after milling. We can polish these edges if desired, the edges are smooth and glossy after this fabrication. PyraSied ensures that the edges of the machined sheets are made burr-free. This means that there are no sharp corners anymore.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    How does CNC top milling work?

    The best milling results are achieved with tools equipped with hard metals or specially coated switches. The most professional milling machines clearly have individual preferences for the type of tool, starter and speed. In general, we recommend a tool with two cutting surfaces, preferably HSS or HM with a free angle of 12 degrees or more. With a tool diameter of 6 to 12 diameter, the speed of about 2400 per minute is recommended over 12 diameter tools. It is recommended that the tool is cooled with compressed air. Of course, the tools must be stable and clean.

    How does a lower mill work?

    Milling conditions for lower milling are the same as for top milling. The big difference is that with a top mill, the material under the mill is free of thickness tolerance. So with a top mill, you can calibrate (applying a graduated scale). At a lower mill, the depth of a groove is always constant while what remains standing is having a thickness tolerance.

    How does edge milling/profile milling work?

    Here too, the same speeds are recommended as in the above milling fabrications. Edge milling is usually used to clean or profile rough surfaces. A special shape of edge milling is the polishing mill. Here comes a flat disk with two diamonds along with a clamped sheet acrylic, resulting in a high gloss and optically high-grade surface.

    How can I engrave acrylics?

    We can laser-engrave materials at PyraSied. Classic engraving (texts and symbols) is done at engraving companies. We can, of course, bring you into contact with these companies. Please send us an email: sales@pyrasied.nl

    How can I polish acrylic with a woodworking milling machine?

    Standard woodwork milling machines deliver good results. Metal milling machines or machining centres provide even better milling results. In principle, it is possible with the right choice of tools and speed to obtain a polished surface.

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