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    Acrylic / Plexiglass ®

    Optically more pure and stronger than glassIn various colours and thicknessesCut to sizeEasy to fabricate100% recyclable
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    Acrylic / Plexiglass ® sheets

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the difference between cast (GS) and extruded (XT) acrylic?

    PyraSied has various thickness in stock in cast acrylic (GS), extruded acrylic (XT), topacryl (GS) and cast acrylic block (GS).

    Cast acrylic (GS)

    GS can easily be produced in small quantities which offers a lot of flexibility. That is why PyraSied is having cast acrylic sheets on stock in various diameters, colours, surface structures and design variations.

    Extruded acrylic (XT)

    Extruded acrylic is made with a full continuous extrusion process. This means that this material is produced in large quantities and is therefore relatively cheaper than cast acrylic sheets. The greatest benefit of XT is that it barely knows any thickness tolerance. For applications where the material  is in a profile or when a flat surface is required, we always recommend XT acrylic.

    What is the difference between Plexiglas and acrylic?

    There is no difference between Plexiglas® (Plexiglass®) and acrylic. Plexiglas® is a brand name of the transparent plastic acrylic. In the Netherlands is Plexiglas so well-known that it has become a recognizable product name for acrylic.

    Other well-known brand names for acrylic sheets are; Perspex ®, Altuglas ®, Astariglas ®, PMMA ® and Versato ®.

    Is it possible to fabricate acrylic?

    Acrylics are easy to fabricate. The fabrication possibilities are: Sawing, laser-cutting, milling, warm bending, gluing, drilling, faceting, polishing, sanding, and printing.

    PyraSied can carry out all the fabrications for you. We deliver from our excellently equipped workplace – where high-tech machinery and classical craftsmanship ensure optimal results, tailor-made according to drawings or designs. If you would like to fabricate acrylics yourself, please check our website under ‘fabrications’. Here, you will find more information about fabricating acrylics.

    Infinity Kitchen

    This completely transparent kitchen is designed by Winnie Maas from MVRDV. This was a very challenging project for us, because everything is transparent! You cannot hide anything. The complete finishing and every detail is visible. The hinges, the sink, the drain, the tap, everything is made of transparent clear acrylic.

    New retail formula KPN XL stores

    Especially for the new KPN shop formula, we developed acrylic light diffusers (opal sheets) with a light green KPN colour tint. During this colour development, we combined different colours of green with PyraLed3 where eventually the correct KPN colour light diffuser was created. PyraLed3 is a very good light diffuser from our professional diffuser collection. Because this sheet is 10mm thick and has a high light transmission, this material is very suitable for large light constructions as for this shop formula.

    Acrylic / Plexiglass ® from Pyrasied

    PyraSied wants to show their beautiful collection of acrylic / Plexiglass ® to you and the world! Acrylics are known for their simplicity as clear acrylic sheets that are optically pure. The beauty in this material is the transparency and this is always visible in the applications. The material is beautiful in combination with light, because it catches the light, guides the light and is also playing with light. Light is bringing this material to life and that is why we love it!

    In addition to the aesthetic perception of acrylic, it also has good material properties which makes it suitable for a lot of different applications. Acrylic is optically pure, UV-resistant, easy to fabricate and is extremely durable with a long colour fastness and lifespan. PyraSied is having the most diverse stock in the Netherlands of acrylic sheets, tubes and rods in various thicknesses, colours and surface structures. We are having acrylics in gloss, matt, satin, coloured, opal, mirrored and frosted. We are having a flexible stock, so there is always a type of acrylic on stock that you are looking for!

    Acrylic can be 100% recycled and is therefore good for the environment! The light transmission of Plexiglass is 92% and has the fire classification E according to EN13501-1. Acrylic is easy to clean with just water and a cloth, but we also sell VuPlex plastic cleaner to make sure that the acrylic looks like it is new!

    Types acrylic / Plexiglass

    Gloss, matte, satin, coloured, opal, mirrored and myst.

    Fabrication possibilities

    This type of plastic is easy to fabricate. The possibilities are: cutting, milling, laser-cutting, warm bending, bonding, drilling, faceting, polishing, matting and printing.

    Application possibilities with acrylic

    View and discover all of the possibilities with acrylic on our Acrylic Community. Here, you can find all different types of applications with this versatile material.


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