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    Extruded acrylic light diffusers

    Barely any thickness toleranceSuitable for applications that are put in a profile or when a flat surface is required 100% colourless, UV stable, colourfast
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    Technical datasheet XT acrylic
    XTX jason bruges studio
    XTX project – licht diffusers

    Deze bijzondere tunnel is gemaakt van de licht diffusers van PyraSied. Jason Bruges Studio heeft ervoor gekozen om de licht diffuser te gebruiken in combinatie met gekleurde LEDs.

    Growing plants indoor

    GROWING PLANTS INDOORS is an on-going project by REM atelier. These lamps are made by using extruded acrylic light diffusers and a print of a banana plant at the back. XT diffusers have been used for this since the material is put into a profile. XT hardly has thickness tolerance and is very suitable for this.

    Extruded acrylic light diffusers from Pyrasied

    Extruded acrylic opal sheets are having excellent light technical characteristics. XT acrylic (Plexiglass®/pmma) has a very high light transmission, is 100% colourless, is UV stable, colour fast, temperature resistant up to 80ºC, fairly rigid, barely knows any thickness tolerance and is resistant to many chemicals.
    Extruded acrylic is produced in a continuous process and that is why it is on stock in a limited amount of thicknesses. If you are looking for a thicker opal sheet in acrylic, then you can choose for cast acrylic opal sheets. These sheets are on stock in a greater diversity in thicknesses and light transmissions.

    Stock light diffusers / XT acrylic opal sheets

    PyraSied has extruded acrylic opal sheets on stock in various characteristics and properties. You can choose from various light transmissions, surface structures and thicknesses. Every application demands different characteristics and with our opal sheets we can offer you the desired flexibility.

    Other materials

    For other characteristics such as extra impact resistant or a better fire classification, you can choose our polycarbonate (lexan®/makrolon®) opal sheets. For opal sheets that are applied at airports, we have PETG opal sheets on stock.


    Extruded acrylic opal sheets are a part of the light diffuser collection and are widely used in the lighting industry. These sheets can be used as lighting fixtures, signage, light diffusers or displays. For some examples, please take a look at our Acrylic Community!


    Sawing, milling, laser-cutting, warm bending, bonding, drilling, faceting, polishing, matting and printing. For more information about fabrications, please visit our fabrications page.


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    We develop new design and colour collections annually and guide customer-specific acrylic production for projects

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