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    Light guide plates

    Very high light outputVery high light outputColourfast and does not yellow
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    Light guide plates from PyraSied

    FTS achterwand2 bar Faux Onyx 0402
    Faux Translucent Stone Onyx 0402 bar

    Design, classical with a contemporary look, that's where Hotel Restaurant in Kortrijk stands for. The bar of this characteristic hotel has gone through a metamorphosis where i.a. our Faux Onyx 0402 is processed in the illuminated wall and bottle stairs of the bar. We are very proud that our Faux Onyx can now be admired in the place-to-be bar in Kortrijk. The lighting is provided by Vivalyte bvba, Wevelgem.

    Growing plants indoor

    GROWING PLANTS INDOORS is an on-going project by REM atelier. These lamps are made by using extruded acrylic light diffusers and a print of a banana plant at the back. XT diffusers have been used for this since the material is put into a profile. XT hardly has thickness tolerance and is very suitable for this.

    Light guide plates from Pyrasied

    LightPlex® is a light guide plate. That is a sheet that radiates light, it is a light source. The LEDs are placed on one or multiple edges of the sheet, the light runs into the sheet and is reflected from the sheet by the dot pattern. The LightPlex® sheet guarantees the highest light output and gives the most even lighting of all the LGP technologies that are currently available. The material does not yellow and is particularly durable. LightPlex® is a clear acrylic sheet of the highest quality, in which an optimized pattern is beamed with the very latest laser techniques, according to your dimensions. This innovative technique guarantees the highest light output and a beautiful, evenly distributed appearance.

    LightPlex® is completely transparent and colourless. The colour that is being emitted, is exactly the colour that is irradiated. This makes it very suitable for RGB-LEDs. LightPlex® has on both sides of the sheet a gloss surface. The dot pattern of the sheet is beamed into one side of the sheet. The beamed side is normally the backside. The non-laser-cut side is provided with a protective film.

    LightPlex® can be used in any application where an energy efficient, flat light source is desirable such as illuminated walls, floors or ceilings, or integrated into an illuminated desk or bar, columns or steps. In combination with digital print or foils on the PyraLed diffuser sheet, beautiful expressions are made such as signage, art and advertising boards. Lightplex® is also suitable for use in wet areas. The LightPlex® can be walked on, even with a heavy load. As soon as printing or foils is done on the sheet, the light pattern changes.


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