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    Cracked Onyx white 0205-2

    Lightweight stone sheet material that is translucentFrom 162,00 per m2 ex VAT
    cracked onyx white faux stonecracked onyx white faux stone
    cracked onyx white faux stone
    cracked onyx white faux stone
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    • A beautiful diffuse translucency when backlighted
    • Lightweight, easy to fabricate, can be warm bended in a great radius
    • On stock in 5mm and 10mm thickness
    Want to fabricate a product?

    Do you want us to mill, laser-cut, glue, bond or drill your material for example?

    Chat with us
    Call us at: 058 – 76 76 100

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    The Cracked Onyx white is part of the Faux Translucent Stone collection. This is a surprising collection of extremely elegant and highly attractive “natural” translucent materials for interior use. The material is the plastic alternative of alabaster, marble and onyx. Each material from this collection has a unique appearance because it is handmade and is beautiful in combination with light.

    With the sheet material of the Faux Translucent Stone collection, you make a warm and timeless element in every interior; modern, art-deco and classical. You can use the material for vertical applications such as (illuminated) wall cladding, but also horizontally as an illuminated bar- or counter front. The possibilities with light are endless. The material is lightweight and easy to fabricate, this offers many options for interior/yacht building and for the lighting industry.

    The Cracked Onyx white 0205-2 is a timeless design and resembles real white cracked onyx. This design is on stock.

    Stock Cracked Onyx white

    PyraSied is having 14 designs of the Faux Translucent Stone collection. The sheets are available in various thicknesses. This depends per design. The available thicknesses are 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm. It is possible to order samples of this material.
    The maximal sheet size of Faux Translucent Stone is 2440 x 1220 mm.


    Faux Translucent Stone is beautiful and elegant material for retail- and hospitality design. It has been tested by PyraSied for applications that are in direct contact with fragrances, perfumes and liquors. We did not notice any difficult-to-remove stains, decolourisation or traces of chemical attack. It is also a beautiful surface material for bar counters, reception desks and luxury wall cladding with or without light. Faux Translucent Stone is very suitable for wall covering sheets (also in wet surroundings). The chemical resistance is very good and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

    Backlit applications are absolutely the most attractive application. Walls or ceilings of Faux Translucent Stone installed on acrylic light guide sheets with LEDs are extremely easy and impressive!
    Especially for lighting applications, we have a few designs in stock in a thickness of 4 or 5 mm. Faux Translucent Stone is easy to mill or cut. Moreover, the light transmission and the diffusion of these sheets are excellent which makes this material extremely suitable for lighting fixtures.

    Check out our Acrylic Community to see examples of applications with Faux Translucent Stone and get inspired!


    Faux Translucent Stones can easily be fabricated: Sawing, laser-cutting, drilling.

    Brand names

    Faux Translucent Stone is the brand name of this material.


    Faux Translucent Stone




    translucent colours


    one-sided matte

    Maximal sheet size:


    Thickness in mm:

    5, 10

    Light transmission:

    < 30%


    spreading light


    bar- and counter fronts, lighting fixtures, retail design, signage, wall cladding

    Technical specifications
    Sheet size:
    Thickness in mm:
    5, 8 en 10 mm (on stock in 5 and 10mm)
    1,8 kg per m2/mm
    Thickness tolerance:
    +/- 10% of the nominal thickness
    Maximum span:
    600mm (10mm thickness normal use)
    Fire classification:
    BS1D0 according to EN13501
    Light transmission:
    4550 MPa (according to ASTM D790)
    Linear coefficient of thermal expansion:
    0,4 mm/mtr/10ºC
    Maximum temperature for continuous use:
    Izod shock resistance:
    78º F 16J/mtr
    Force needed to break:
    43 MPa (according to ASTM D790)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Why can’t I purchase Faux Translucent Stone online?

    Our design plastics are special materials that needs special treatment and further information. We advise our customers on the application of the materials so that we can achieve the most beautiful result. That is why it is important to have contact first before purchasing the material.

    Are all the designs on stock in the Netherlands?

    The variants that we show on our website are all on stock. However, we do not always have all the thickness on stock. We have most of the time one, two or even three thicknesses on stock of our designs. The sheets that we are having on stock, can be ordered per full sheet. It is also possible to order full pallets or to compose your own mix-pallet with various designs.

    What are the delivery possibilities if I want to order a design that is not on stock?

    It is possible for us to produce different types, colours, thicknesses or measurements for you. For a customer specific production, a minimum order size applies. The maximum sheet size is always 1220 x 3000 mm. Prices, delivery times and possibilities are available on request.

    I am having a stone type that I would like to recreate, is this possible?

    Yes, this is possible! If you have clear images, we can ask our manufacturer to recreate the stone type. A lab sample will be created. Prices, delivery times and possibilities are available on request.

    When do I know which thickness I have to choose?

    For every application, a different thickness is needed:
    1. Constructive applications (bar- or desk front) 10 mm thickness
    2. Wall cladding 6 mm thickness
    3. Armatures/diffusers 4 or 5 mm

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