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    Frommel sheet

    Beautiful design sheet, especially with light
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    • Unique design
    • Beautiful in combination with light
    • Cut to size
    Want to fabricate a product?

    Do you want us to mill, laser-cut, glue, bond or drill your material for example?

    Chat with us
    Call us at: 058 – 76 76 100

    Maximum size

    2020×1220 mm

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    • Characteristics

    • Technical specifications

    Frommel sheet design plastics

    This frommel sheet is so beautiful, especially when you use it for applications with light! We are a fan of this beautiful and unique design sheet. The frommel sheet contains a foil of soft pvc that is cast inside the acrylic. The foil is always white, but can also be cast into coloured acrylic. The frommel sheets is the most beautiful when it is flattened. This means that one millimeter is milled off one side, making the sheet ‘open’. The view side of the sheet is matted. The frommel sheet is the most beautiful when it has leds behind it.


    For more information about fabricating acrylics, please go to our fabrication page.

    For inspiration, please take a look on our Acrylic Community.


    acrylic / plexiglass® / acrylglas, design plastics






    gloss, one-sided matte


    gloss, one-sided thickness calibrated

    Maximal sheet size:


    Thickness in mm:



    spreading light


    bar- and counter fronts, decors, furniture, partition walls, retail design


    architecture, decor building, display building, interior building, Light, plastic fabricators/trade, retail design, yacht & marine building

    Technical specifications
    Coefficient of expansion:
    0,6 mm/m/10ºC
    1,19 g/cm3
    Thickness tolerance:
    0,4mm /- 10% of the nominal thickness
    Saw tolerance:
    +/- 1mm
    Deviation angularity:
    1,5 mm/1m
    3300 MPA
    Fire classification:
    E according to E13501
    Bending strength:
    1200 kg/cm
    User Temperature:
    -40ºC – +80ºC
    Clean cut
    Protective film:
    The sheets are provided with a protective film (two-sided)
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