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    Left-over pallets

    A pallet filled with circa 175 kg of acrylic and eventually other plastics175,00 per pallet ex VAT
    Maximum size

    Europallet (800x1200mm)

    • Pallet filled with acrylic and design plastic left-overs
    • €1 per kilo
    • Always a surprise what you will receive!

    Out of stock

    This product is currently not available in our webshop.

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    Do you often use small sizes of acrylics in different colours and thicknesses? Then perhaps a left-over pallet is something for you. Left-over pallets are unsorted mix pallets on which various materials in different sizes are stacked. A pallet full of left-overs weighs around 175 kg and we offer a very competitive rate, namely € 175,- ex VAT for a pallet full of acrylic. That is only € 1 per kilo! A left-over pallet is ideal if you use small sizes and still want to have a varied assortment at your disposal.

    Stock of left-over mix pallets

    The stock of our left-over mix pallets varies per period. During busy periods (spring and autumn) we have more left-overs of current orders than during the quiet periods. In addition, the composition of the pallet is completely dependent on the sheets that are sawn during that period. Every left-over pallet is unique. That is why it can happen that there are many clear sheets on one pallet and many colours on another.

    Returning left-over pallets

    Left-over pallets can not be returned after purchase.

    Application possibilities

    On the pallet, you will find sheets made of acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG or other design plastics. The majority of the sheet material will be cast or extruded acrylic. On the foil of the sheet, you can read which material it is.

    Acrylic is widely used by our customers in shop interiors, stand and set construction and the signing as front windows, glazing, showcases, displays, protective covers, furniture and for example wall presentations. Do you want to be inspired by what you can make with our materials? Then have a look at our Acrylic Community. Here you can find various applications with, for example, acrylate and other plastics.

    Fabrication possibilities

    Acrylic is easy to fabricate. The possible operations are sawing, milling, laser-cutting, hot bending, glueing, drilling, faceting, polishing, matting and printing. Do you want PyraSied to fabricate acrylic? In our fabrication page, you can find more information about our services in the field of fabrications. We deliver from our excellently equipped workshop – where high-tech machinery and traditional craftsmanship ensure optimum results, completely customized according to drawing or design.

    Brand names

    Acrylic: PLEXIGLAS®, Versato® (cast acrylic), Primo® (extruded acrylic), Altuglas® and Astariglas®.
    PETG: Vivak® and GRIPHEN®.
    Polycarbonate: Lexan®, Makrolon®, Arla®, Margard®, Caliber®, Radilux®, Quin®, Axxis®, Panlite®, Lexgard® and Makrofol®.



    Acrylic / PLEXIGLAS® / PMMA, Recycled acrylic, PETG, Polycarbonate



    Thickness in mm:

    All thicknesses


    clear, transparent colours, translucent colours, solid colours, opal, fluor colours


    eco, crystal clear, optically pure


    architecture, building & renovation, decor building, display building, interior building, laser/engraving companies, plastic fabricators/trade, retail design, signage & advertising

    A mix of acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG materials.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    I would like to order a left-over pallet. Can I determine in advance what I will receive?

    No, our left-over pallets are pallets full of unsorted left-overs of acrylic and possibly other plastics. The content of the pallet depends on the production of the previous weeks. If we have a lot of leftovers from a project where coloured transparent acrylic is used, then chances are that you will receive many different colours. The same applies to a project with only clear acrylic.

    Since the supply is never the same, we have decided to offer this type of pallets for € 1 per kilo. In this way, you have 175 kg of acrylic and other plastics for an affordable price of € 175,-.

    Left-over pallets are ideal if you use small sizes and still want to have a varied assortment at your disposal.

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