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    Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicPlasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicPlasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicPlasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicPlasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicPlasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicPlasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
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    Decorative sheet material made from plastic waste123,11 per sheet ex VAT
    Maximum size


    • Fully made from plastic waste
    • 5 different types in 9mm
    • 100% recyclable
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    PyraSied has recently become the official distributor of Plasticiet® sheets. Plasticiet has developed five different designs, each made from plastic waste. Each type is totally unique and has different properties. Most types are made from LDPE/HDPE. Plasticiet has a sheet size of 800x800mm and is standard made in 9mm thick with a tolerance of 1mm +/-. Other thicknesses can be produced in consultation.

    Composition and properties per type


    Type Blizzard is a white-gray sheet and is made entirely from discarded food trays and Dutch post-production remnants. Blizzard is made of the plastic LDPE/HDPE and is therefore slightly bendable. Blizzard is UV resistant and has the fire class HB. In addition, Blizzard is minimal moisture-absorbing and reasonably scratch-resistant. The material has a soft surface. Blizzard can be ordered in 9mm thick with a sheet size of 800x800mm. This type is available with a satin surface.

    Chocolate Factory

    The most colourful sheet from the Plasticiet® collection is the Chocolate Factory. What the name suggests is that this type is made of plastic waste, namely old molds, from a chocolate factory. This type is very scratch resistant and reasonably UV resistant. Chocolate Factory is made of the plastic polycarbonate and therefore has the same properties as normal polycarbonate: very impact resistant and favourable fire behavior. This allows this material to be used in public areas. This type is very easy to fabricate into a final product. Chocolate Factory can be ordered in 9mm with a satin surface.


    Nova is reminiscent of the starry sky, deep black with white tints. It also reminds us of beautiful black marble! This type is made of LDPE/HDPE and therefore has the same properties as Blizzard. Nova can be ordered in 9mm thick with a sheet size of 800x800mm.

    Rhinestone white and black

    Type Rhinestone is available in 2 variants: white and black. Both types have brightly coloured flakes in the material that are reminiscent of real coloured crystals. This sheet is made from Dutch post-production remnants and waste from Belgian households. The coloured stones originate from the urban mines of Belgium, collected by Suez and sorted with their ultramodern infrared scanner. Rhinestone is made of LDPE/HDPE and is therefore comparable to Blizzard and Nova. Rhinestone is available in 9mm with a satin surface. Sorting colours for a customer-specific material can be done by Plasticiet® for an extra fee. This can be done within the first 2 colour groups:

    1. Green, black, white
    2. Yellow, blue, orange, red
    3. Purple, pink

    Group 1 is the most present in a sheet, then group 2 and group 3 is the least present and therefore it is not possible to remove this colour or to have it more present.

    Note: Rhinestone can have more irregularities than the other types. There is a chance that there are air bubbles and small dents in the material. In addition, this type is more sensitive to warping. There is a small chance that a coloured surface will come off.

    Stock Plasticiet collection

    Plasticiet offers five types: Chocolate factory, Blizzard, Nova, Rhinestone white and Rhinestone black. PyraSied has all types on stock as standard and can be ordered per full sheet.

    Maximum sheet size

    The maximum sheet size of these types is 800x800mm and all sheets are standard 9mm thick. All sheets have an oversized margin of a few centimeters and come straight out of the mold with a rough edge. Make sure that the sheets are first cut to size before you start using them.


    Our samples and images give a good picture of the sheets. It may only be that a full sheet differs slightly from the sample. The large format material may contain a few air bubbles, pits or colour differences. Our supplier does everything to deliver the best possible quality. The material directive provided is indicative because Plasticiet® cannot guarantee the purity of the delivered product due to its recycled origin.

    Application possibilities

    Plasticiet sheets are currently widely used in design applications such as shop interiors, furniture, hairdressing salons and bar and counter fronts. Due to the many fabrication possibilities, the material can be used in many different ways. Check the Plasticiet® website for some examples of applications. Please take a look at our Acrylic Community for some examples of applications with all our materials.

    Fabrication possibilities Plasticiet

    Plasticiet sheets can be fabricated in the same way as hardwood. This material can be cut, milled, drilled and sanded. Please contact us about the connection possibilities. We recommend using sharp tools for fabricating this material. For type Chocolate Factory we recommend to use low rotational speeds and for the other types fast rotational speeds. We advise to drill holes before you screw into the material. It is advisable to use a structural base for horizontal applications such as tables, shelves, etc.

    Take a look at our fabrications page. Here you can find more information about the fabrication possibilities of our materials. These fabrications can be performed by PyraSied if desired. We deliver from our excellently equipped workshop – where high-tech machinery and traditional craftsmanship ensure optimum results, completely tailored to your drawing or design.

    Brand names

    Plasticiet® is the official brand name of this collection.


    Recycled design plastics


    eco, impact resistant

    Maximal sheet size:


    Colour tints:

    Blizzard, Chocolate factory, Nova, Rhinestone black, Rhinestone white


    architecture, building & renovation, decor building, display building, retail design, Sanitary & installation, signage & advertising, yacht & marine building


    bar- and counter fronts, decors, displays, food presentations, furniture, partition walls, retail design, wall cladding

    Thickness in mm:


    Contact us for more information.

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    Reference projects
    Ace & Tate Antwerpen - Plasticiet® Rhinestone wit - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Store design Ace & Tate

    Ace & Tate has chosen Rhinestone white from Plasticiet® for the Antwerp location. The store tells a story, because the sheets consists of local waste from Antwerp. The Plasticiet sheets create a calm, serene space in combination with the booming colours. To create the waste’s narrative we decided that the inspiration needed to come from religious and sacred places - buildings that tell a story - so that the store would almost feel as a recycling temple. Because the flaked sheets are so wild it was even more a necessity to keep the design repetitive and calm. The close collaboration with their store designer made it sure that we wouldn’t deviate from their store concept too much. We implemented lots of mirrors to give a more spacious feeling and to increase the repetition in the design.

    MONK - blizzard | Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    MONK shoe store interior

    Plasticiet® supplied sheets in type Blizzard for shoe store MONK. Shelves are made of this white-black type on which various high-end shoes are displayed. In addition, there are also trays placed to create a playful effect with height. Because of the neutral colours, the shoes stand out! Blizzard is made entirely of plastic waste.

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