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    polycarbonate sheet colour
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    Polycarbonate sheet colour

    Transparent polycarbonate in 20 different colours. Customer-specific production from 250kg.
    Maximum size


    • For orders above 250kg
    • 20 transparent colours
    • Impact resistant
    • al vanaf 250 kg te bestellen
    • geef uw beschermkap kleur
    • keuze uit 20 kleuren
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    Polycarbonate sheet colour

    Would you like to give your machine its own character with protective caps or baffles in a beautiful, transparent colour? With PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic, polycarbonate can be ordered from 250 kg in 20 different, transparent colours.

    Polycarbonate is a transparent plastic sheet with exceptionally high impact resistance. Due to this feature, polycarbonate can be used as protective glazing or protection that is vandal-proof, burglarproof, impact resistant or extra safe. In addition, polycarbonate has a fire certification that can be used in public spaces.

    Delivery options polycarbonate sheet colour

    You can also order polycarbonate clear, opal and different surface structures quickly and efficiently with PyraSied as we deliver from our own and large stock.
    PyraSied also has the colours of smoke brown and anthracite in stock. From 250 kg it is also possible to order polycarbonate in other colours.

    Fabrication possibilities

    PyraSied can do the following fabrications for you with polycarbonate: cutting, milling, hot and cold bending, bonding, drilling, facetting, polishing, matting and printing.

    Brand names polycarbonate

    Lexan® and Makrolon® are well-known brand names of polycarbonate.






    Transparent colours

    Colour tints:

    PC blue 541, PC bright blue 538, PC bright green 634, PC bright yellow 406, PC citrus yellow 407, PC dark blue 543, PC dark brown 819, PC dark green 636, PC dark grey 752, PC flieder blue 539, PC grey 751, PC orange 209, PC orange red 326, PC petrol green 637, PC red 324, PC redesh brown 818, PC turkish blue 542, PC violet 402, PC whine red 327, PC yellowish green 638



    Maximal sheet size:

    3050×2050 mm

    Thickness in mm:

    3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm


    fire retardant, burglarproof, minimal thickness tolerance, impact resistant


    glazing, machine parts, marine glazing, protective caps


    building & renovation, glass trade, industry, interior building, machine building, plastic fabricators/trade, yacht & marine building

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