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    Primo® XT P024 3mm LT = 80%
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    PRIMO® XT P024 gloss/gloss 3mm LT=80%

    The PRIMO® XT P024 gloss/gloss 3mm is a light opal sheet with a gloss surface and a high light transmission45,42 per m² ex BTW
    Maximum size

    3050 x 2050mm

    • Barely any thickness tolerance
    • Low-cost diffuser
    • Light transmission: 80%
    • UGR: <19
    • Efficiency: 32
    • Available thicknesses: 2, 3, 4mm
    Decrease (m2)
    Price per piece: €0,-
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    • Characteristics

    • Technical specifications

    The PRIMO® XT P024 gloss/gloss 3mm is a light opal sheet with a two-sided gloss surface. This sheet has a very high light transmission, but doesn’t spread the light optimally. This sheet can not be used with a led light source, because the led points stay visible. When using a different light source, this sheet is excellent when you need a high level of light transmission.

    The PRIMO® P024 gloss/gloss 3mm has a two-sided gloss surface, is 3mm thick and has a light transmission of 80%. The light transmission refers to the amount of light that comes through the diffuser. It is measured on the other side of the light diffuser than where the light source is positioned. The diffusivity of this sheet is low. You need enough space between the light source and the sheet to get a diffuse light result.

    A different option is using a light guide plate. With this plate, you can light up a full sheet with a led strip on the side of the light guide plate. The PRIMO® XT P024 can then be used to create a diffuse, even result.

    Standard diffuser

    The PRIMO® XT P024 diffusers are part of our collection with standard diffusers. These diffusers are the classic, 30% light transmission (opal) sheets and fit well with classic light sources and situations with plenty of space between diffuser and light source. They are good diffusers in relationship to their price. Do you need a diffuser that is more efficient and keeps more of the light, please check our professional and advanced light diffusers.

    These professional and advanced diffusers are more efficient than the standard (opal) sheets. Efficiency refers to how well a diffuser performs. It is a measurement that combines the light transmission and the diffusivity. An efficient diffuser costs more to purchase, but earns itself back by saving energy and increasing the light output.

    Material characteristics

    The PRIMO® XT P024 is made from extruded acrylic. Light diffusers from extruded acrylic have good to excellent light technical properties and can be fabricated easily. The material is quite vandal proof, UV-stable and colourfast. It can be safely used outside, the colour doesn’t change when exposed to the sun. The fire classification of cast acrylic is E according to fire norm EN 13501. This is the European (EU) classification.

    Extrusion is a continuous process, creating large batches per production run. This makes the material cheaper than cast acrylic, but it is also less flexible. Our assortment is less broad, because the minimum batch per production run is large. An additional benefit of this production method is the minimum thickness tolerance, compared to cast acrylic. 

    Stock of the PRIMO® XT P024 gloss/gloss 3mm

    The PRIMO® XT P024 with two-sided gloss surface in 3mm thickness is in stock in sheet size 3050mm x 2050mm. If you need a smaller size for your application, we gladly offer material cut to size.

    The PRIMO® XT P024 gloss/gloss is also available in the same sheetsize in thicknesses 2mm and 4mm.

    Applications for the PRIMO® XT P024 gloss/gloss 3mm

    If you need an opal sheet with a high level of light transmission for light sources other than led, the PRIMO® XT P024 gloss/gloss 3mm is a great option. If you are using a light guide plate, the P024 is also a good choice. With the minimum amount of thickness tolerance and excellent light technical properties of extruded acrylic, this diffuser can be applied in many situations. The PRIMO® XT P024 can be used for light fixtures, displays, signing, profiles and window frames. Barfronts, signing and other esthetic applications are also possible. Because the material is UV stable and the colour is not influenced by the sun, you can safely use the sheet inside and outside.

    Are you looking for a similar diffuser that can be used with led? The PRIMO® XT N385 3mm is similarly priced and offers similar specifications.

    The PyraLed® YT275 1.8mm and the PyraLed® YT290 1.5mm are more expensive diffusers, but offer a high level of light transmission and diffusivity. Lighting applications with these diffusers emit more light or combine the same amount of light with lower energy use.

    For constructive applications like floors, walls and full bars and desks, we recommend a thicker diffuser, like our PyraLed®3 10mm or the PyraLed® OPY3 satin/satin 10mm. These diffusers are made from cast acrylic.

    Looking for inspiration? Please check our Acrylic community. You can find many applications with light diffusers. There are also many other applications with acrylic on the platform.

    Fabricating the PRIMO® XT P024 gloss/gloss 3mm

    The PRIMO® XT P024 is made from extruded acrylic. Diffusers from extruded acrylic can be fabricated easily.

    PyraSied has more than 30 years of experience in fabricating acrylic and other plastics. With our excellently equipped workshop – where high-tech machinery and traditional craftsmanship ensure high quality – we can supply diffusers made to size. Whether you are looking for a partner for a one-time project or a trustworthy partner for the continious supply of diffusers as part of your supply chain, PyraSied is the right choice.

    You can fabricate acrylic yourself, often with the same tools used for wood fabricating. Fabrication options for the PRIMO® XT P024 diffuser are lasering, sawing, milling, bonding, drilling, faceting, polishing, sanding and printing.

    Do you want to know more about fabrications and what PyraSied could do for you? Please go to our fabrications page.


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