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    Wallcrylic® Budget sanitair wit - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicWallcrylic® Budget sanitair wit - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Wallcrylic® Budget sanitair wit - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Wallcrylic® Budget sanitair wit - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
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    Wallcrylic® Budget plastic wall cladding sheets

    Budget wall cladding sheets in sanitary white38,72 per m2 ex VAT
    Maximum size


    • Available in sanitary white
    • Budget alternative to other Wallcrylic® collections
    • ABS layer consists of 30% recycled production waste

    If you order before 13:00h, it will be shipped the next workday

    Decrease (m2)
    Price per piece: €0,-
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    Wallcrylic® budget wall cladding sheets are the cheaper version of the Wallcrylic® Basic and Wallcrylic® Colour collection. The budget collection is a sanitary white co-extruded sheet of extruded acrylic and ABS. The ABS layer consists of 30% recycled production waste. It is a semi-durable sheet.

    Plastic wall cladding is an elegant and practical alternative to tile and glass walls. With Wallcrylic® sheets, the joints are barely visible, which gives a very sleek and elegant look to any bathroom. In addition, the material is very easy and efficient to maintain and install. Lime and dirt do not adhere well to the material. That is why this material is ideal for spaces that are used intensively, such as student houses, changing rooms, elevator interiors, toilet rooms and hospitals.

    Why plastic wall cladding sheets?
    Plastic wall cladding sheets are an elegant and practical alternative for tiles and glass walls. It has an elegant and sleek look, has great ease of maintenance and the installation is quick and effortless. The wall cladding sheets are lightweight, easy to fabricate and can easily be attached on flat surfaces with sealant. So, ideal for renovation projects! Plastic wall cladding sheets are practical and easy to clean. There are barely any joints and dirt and lime does not adhere to the material quickly. In short, ideal for spaces that become dirty quickly such as bathrooms, kitchens, elevator interiors, changing rooms, toilet rooms and so on. The maintenance and installation convenience of this material makes it a pleasure to use in projects where many of these types of rooms are being built and cleaned, such as hotels, sports complexes and student houses.

    Stock Wallcrylic® Budget

    Wallcrylic® Budget is currently only available in sanitary white. That is the right-most colour in the product photo. This colour can be ordered with a glossy surface. The material is 4mm thick and has a maximum sheet size of 3050x2050mm. We advise ordering sheets of 2600x1000mm or at most 2600x1220mm if the material will be used as a wall covering. These are ideal panel sizes for covering rooms. We do not recommend using sheets that are larger than this size. You are always right with one of the two dimensions. The advantage of the Wallcrylic® Budget collection is that it is stiffer due to the ABS layer than the other Wallcrylic® collections. As a result, reflection errors are less likely to occur with larger sheets.

    By ordering these sheets cut-to-size, you only use what you need and this is economically and ecologically beneficial.

    Other colours

    Would you like more choice in colours? Then choose one of our other wall cladding collections. Wallcrylic® Basic, Wallcrylic® DeLuxe (high-gloss) and Wallcrylic® Colour (coloured) can be ordered in various colours.

    Fabrication possibilities

    Due to the ABS layer, Wallcrylic® Budget can be fabricated slightly differently from the other Wallcrylic® collections. Wallcrylic® Budget can be cut and milled to size. In addition, it is also possible to glue, drill, facet, polish and matt this material.


    Acrylic / PLEXIGLAS® / PMMA




    solid colours



    Maximal sheet size:


    Thickness in mm:



    eco, UV resistant


    wall cladding


    architecture, building & renovation, decor building, interior building, plastic fabricators/trade, retail design, Sanitary & installation, yacht & marine building

    Technical specifications
    Coefficient of expansion:
    0,6 mm/m/10ºC
    1,19 g/cm3
    Thickness tolerance:
    Saw tolerance:
    +/- 1mm
    Deviation angularity:
    1,5 mm/1m
    3300 MPA
    Fire classification:
    E according to E13501
    Bending strength:
    1200 kg/cm
    User Temperature:
    -40ºC - +80ºC
    Clean cut
    Protective film:
    All sheets are provided with a protective film (two sided)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are the application possibilities of plastic wall cladding sheets?

    Plastic wall cladding sheets are ideal for spaces that becomes dirty quickly such as bathrooms, kitchens, elevator interiors, changing rooms, toilet rooms and so on.

    The maintenance and installation convenience of this material makes it a pleasure to use in projects where many of these types of rooms are being built and cleaned, such as hotels, sports complexes and student houses.

    Can I install plastic wall cladding sheets on an existing tile wall?

    If the wall is having a flat structure, then this is certainly possible. If the wall is not (completely) flat, we recommend to plaster the wall evenly before installing the plastic wall cladding sheets.

    How should I install plastic wall cladding sheets?

    Our wall cladding sheets can easily be attached to a wall with kit. Specially for this, we have selected an installation (high tack) kit, silicone kit and a detergent VuPlex. Both kits are acetic acid free and do not affect the material. When using the high tack installation kit, double sided tape is not necessary.

    Short installation instruction:

    - the wall cladding sheets are delivered with a protective film on both sides. Do not remove this.
    - saw the sheet to size and drill holes in the material if necessary.
    - remove the protective film on the coloured side (not the transparent side).
    - make sure that the sheet is clean and dust free.
    - apply the kit, spread the kit equally over the sheet and press the sheet firmly to the wall.
    - keep 4 mm space between each sheet because of the operation/effect of the material.
    - let the sheets dry for 12 hours, remove eventual tile crosses and kit the seams between the sheets with a transparent, acetic acid free silicone kit.
    - remove the protective film of the transparent (sight) side directly after applying the silicone kit.

    Should I take the operation/effect of the material into account ?

    Yes, definitely! We recommend to keep 4 mm of space between each sheet. You can use tile crosses for this. You can paint the seams between the sheets the same colour as the sheets for an optimal result.

    Should I take preparatory measures for installing plastic wall cladding sheets?

    - make sure that the wall is even, dry and clear.
    - Keep between every sheet a space of 4mm due to the operation/effect of the sheets. For this, tile crosses can be used. The spots of the seams between the plates can be painted in an even colour for an optimal result.

    How do I maintain and clean the plastic wall cladding sheets?

    - clean the sheets with a towel and warm water
    - do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners
    - do not use Glassex or solvents such as aceton and thinner
    - do not rub with a dry cloth (static)

    Do you have a showroom where I can see an application with this material?

    Yes, you can visit the men toilets in Broeinest Amsterdam for an example.

    Address: Aambeeldstraat 10, 1021 KB Amsterdam

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