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    Ace & Tate Antwerpen

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    Plasticiet originated from an idea that was formed during a field trip in India. Here Marten & Joost – the designers and founders of Plasticiet – saw various micro-economies popping up based on local demographic waste streams such as cotton clothes, plastic bottles and metal parts. All in their own unique way the craftsmen there were able to find their own unique translation of these waste materials into something functional and recognisable with added value. They then made these products available for other local industries resulting in personal revenue and providing means of production for other craftsmen, keeping both industries thriving on a small scale.

    When Marten & Joost were trying to find solutions for people’s and industry’s disposed of plastics, looking back at the idea they studied in India they knew that the outcome should not be a final product. Inspired by the primal beauty and longevity of natural stone they aspired to create a sheet material that would inspire other creators to build objects that can last. To make a waste material appealable they underwent thorough research on how to give their plastic products a distinct super-natural marbled or terrazzo appearance, for if the material isn’t beautiful it won’t sustain.


    Client: Ace & Tate
    Realized by: Plasticiet
    Photography: Lennart Wiedemuth


    PyraSied: Total supplier for acrylics, polycarbonate and design plastics

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    We develop new design and colour collections annually and guide customer-specific acrylic production for projects

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