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    Recycling service

    PyraSied believes it is important to complete the circle of life of Plexiglass. That is why we offer our customers the possibilities to recycle plexiglass remnants through us. For this, we work together with Heathland Recycling. By offering this recycling service to our relations, we can together safeguard the circularity of plexiglass in the Netherlands. Together we close the circle! Do you want to hand in your residual material for recycling? We offer two options for this:

    1. Recycle bin service: You will receive a recycle bin with dimensions 1 × 1.20 × 0.8 meters. We change the recycling bin when it is completely filled with acrylic residues (GS and XT mixed). Emptying the recycle bin is always combined with a new supply of material. This saves costs and we minimize CO2 emissions so that we only have to drive back and forth once. We ask for a small fee of € 99 per emptying of which you receive a € 50 discount on the order of Ecocrylic® XT or Greencast®. This order is placed when the recycle bin is exchanged.
    2. Shipping: If you use too little acrylic for the recycle bin service, you can also send your leftovers to us. We do not reimburse shipping costs, but we will ensure that your residual material is fully recycled by our recycling partner so that new material can be produced from it. It is very important that acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG are separated from each other. We would like to receive a separate package per material.

    Address details for returning leftovers for recycling:
    Aldebaranweg 3, 8938 BD Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

    Do you want to recycle your acrylic through us with our recycling service?
    Sign up via sales@pyrasied.nl and we will contact you about the delivery of the recycle bin.

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