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    Sied & Versato Myst
    Sied aan het woord over zijn Versato Myst ontwikkeling
    Non-uniform illumination is cool
    Sied loves to act not normal. Non-uniform illumination is cool! That's why he decided to make a non-uniform illuminated desk. This is the start of the soon to be exhibited counter at the LED expo exhibition in Den Bosch (7 and 8 February).
    Purple: proclaimed as the colour of the year 2018 by Pantone!
    Pantone Ultra Violet has been named colour of the year 2018! PyraSied has many different purple shades in stock in different varieties. Translucent, transparent, solid etc. A lot is possible with this beautiful colour! View our stock program now online and pick your own purple material.
    Ombre acrylic sheets
    Sied is busy developing Ombe acrylic. For this he visited our German neighbours. And look at the result! What a picture, Sied hopes to launch this acrylic line in 2018.
    Directional diffusers with colour
    Light diffusers with colours
    Sied made some coloured Led strips. With the directional diffuser sheets, you will get a very cool effect!
    Big lens 2
    Big lens
    Kijk deze speciale lens plaat! De stoel staat een flink eind weg van de plaat, maar door de lens lijkt het net alsof hij er vlak achter staat.
    (Easter)bunnies made of acrylic
    For Easter, Sied had these Easter bunnies laser-cut out of acrylic. Super fun in combination with PyRadiant and our spring colours. With movement, the sheet changes of colour and brings the bunny to life!
    Ombre acrylic sheet
    New ombre acrylic sheet by Sied Kooistra, PyraSied hopes to introduce this material at the beginning of 2018!
    Stand light diffusers
    Sied always builds his stand for our Light Diffuser collection. Here, he is working on different arrangements with directional diffusers and a counter made of one of our acrylic diffusers.
    LED experiment
    Sied loves LED's! He orders the LED's from different countries (online) so that he can experiment with it! He often rebuilds the purchase into his own LED series.
    Light diffusers
    Light diffusers must be tested for their light transmission. Here, Sied is busy with a test of an acrylic diffuser by using our spectrophotometer.
    Faux Translucent Stone test
    Every Faux Translucent Stone sheet is unique and is produced per sheet. This means that we have to test every sheet for quality requirements and similarities. In this photo is Sied busy with testing a stone design by putting LED's behind the material.
    Combination of Versato Ghost, Versato Myst and Light
    This is one of Sied's multiple installations with light. He loves to try out new things and to combine different materials with each other. The front panel is Versato Ghost and the panel in the back is Versato Myst. This creates a surprising effect when it is combined with light!
    Ombre acrylic panel
    Currently, Sied is working to develop Ombre acrylic. Achieving a gradient in acrylic is a complex issue. At the moment we are testing and hopefully we can introduce Versato® Ombre at the end of this year.
    Versato Myst plays with light
    Versato® Myst loves light and changes because of different light sources. Behind the Myst sheets are LED"s places and laser-cut solid acrylic is placed behind the panels.
    Sied Designjunction 2017
    Sied during Designjunction 2017 with his design plastics Versato® Myst and Faux Translucent Stone collection.
    PyraDiant in combination with Versato® Myst
    BeMatrix designed this year a stand with this beautiful combination. Combining materials always make sure that you will get an out of the box project!
    Rainbow Acrylics
    Acrylic in combination with rainbow foil creates these colourful effects! When multiple light sources are radiating on the sheet, the rainbows are doubled. We love colour!
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