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    Read the latest articles here about acrylics, the environment and innovations in the field of plastics

    In the past 3 months, thousands, perhaps millions, of acrylic sneeze guards have been used as prevention against COVID-19. These screens are still necessary for the time being, but Heathland and PyraSied are already working together on an approach to be able to collect and recycle all those screens into new acrylic sheets. READ MORE
    PyraSied wrote an informative article about the emergence of LED lighting and the impact it has had on the market of light diffusers for the new theme page 'Lighting' of NDB-Online. NDB-Online stands for Dutch Construction Documentation and this website is full of subject information for construction and installation professionals. Click here to read the article on NDB Online. The article can also be read below.
    In this video, Sied Kooistra (founder PyraSied) tells about the structure diffuser collection. A unique collection of diffusers that are guiding the light into a specific direction.
    What are light guide plates? What are the possible applications of an LGP? What should you pay attention to if you want to use an LGP? These are questions you will receive an answer to within this PyraSied PyraPedia article. The information page about everything that PyraSied is involved with.
    In this video, Sied Kooistra (founder PyraSied) tells about his own developed Versato® Myst collection. A unique collection of mystical colours!
    What types of acrylic are there and how is it made? What is the difference between cast and extruded acrylic? In this article, you will receive an answer.
    Why did PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic start in Leeuwarden, and not in Amsterdam or Eindhoven? Well, that really makes sense! There is a direct link between milk (Friesland Campina) and the production of acrylic! You can read the background behind this special combination in this article.
    In this article, Sied Kooistra gives his opinion on the use of plastics and makes a distinction between one-time-use plastics and performance plastics. Under the guise of 'acrylic is not a plastic bag', Sied gives his vision.
    Our Italian friends made this table especially for us. The table consists of all kinds of acrylics. Magnificent!
    Where does acrylic come from? And how long has acrylic actually existed? ... Why do we think acrylic is the king of plastics? You will get an answer to this in the PyraPedia article: the history of acrylic. Acrylic is the passion of PyraSied and we would like to share this passion with you.
    PyraSied is present at Design District 2018 in Rotterdam. Sied will be attending with this beautiful stand. It consists of pink mirror hexaben on the left side and our complete wallcrylic collection on the right. Our unique light table finished the look.
    Sied is working on researching the possibilities for this gorgeous material. The nacre sheets shine, play with light and have a unique appearance.
    Acrylic in combination with rainbow foil creates these colourful effects! When multiple light sources are radiating on the sheet, the rainbows are doubled. We love colour!
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