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    Innovation: the influence of LED on the market of light diffusers

    PyraSied wrote an informative article about the emergence of LED lighting and the impact it has had on the market of light diffusers for the new theme page ‘Lighting’ of NDB-Online. NDB-Online stands for Dutch Construction Documentation and this website is full of subject information for construction and installation professionals. Click here to read the article on NDB Online. The article can also be read below.

    Even lighting with light diffusers of PyraSied

    The emergence of LED lighting has transformed the world. Since 2008, the technology behind LED is far enough to use it reliably and efficiently in the living and working environment. This innovation is accompanied by new challenges such as the correct application. Because when you use LED without a diffuser, the light is very bright and not diffuse. LED is in fact placed on a strip with many dots of a few millimetres each that burn out brightly.

    Led strips afstand pyrasied xtreme acrylic

    Opal sheets were used to solve this problem. These are sheets with an opal pigment made from, for example, acrylic. However, the traditional opal sheets had three disadvantages. The first problem was that the light transmission of the material was often too low. The light transmission is the amount of light that remains on the visible side of the diffuser. At a time when energy efficiency is important, that is of course not acceptable. The second problem with the traditional opal sheet was that the dots of the LED strip remained visible. The light was scattered or diffused, but the LED dots still remained somewhat visible. The last problem was that the traditional opal sheet influenced the hue of the light. Fortunately, this was easy to solve. The colour of the light is expressed in Kelvin, cold light is 6000K and warm (yellow/white) light is 2500K. A good opal plate must be completely colour neutral. Classic opal sheets make the light warmer (so they have a lower Kelvin value) and are often less fresh.

    Looking for the right additive for an efficient and even result

    To solve these problems, the PyraSied research department has done research into better additives that distribute light efficiently and evenly. To make an opal sheet, an additive is added – to a certain extent. This ensures the diffusion and the amount of light that comes through the sheet. Multiple additives and compositions have been scientifically and empirically tested. PyraSied now has a wide and unique range of diffusers that effectively solve the aforementioned problems.

    lichtdiffusers stand pyrasied xtreme acrylic

    Applications for an energy-efficient future

    PyraSied helps customers from various sectors with the right diffuser. Depending on the available installation space, the desired light transmission, the requirements with regard to fire safety, impact resistance and the budget, PyraSied offers a diffuser that fits your application. Polycarbonate and PETG diffusers are suitable for use in public spaces and we offer advanced diffusers that diffuse the light at a minimal distance while allowing a lot of light to pass through.

    We also offer a unique range of structure diffusers and light shapers (Luminit). Due to the (micro) structure on the surface of these diffusers, it is directed in a certain direction in light, whereby minimal light nuisance and high light output are achieved. This is ideal in circumstances where a low UGR value (stray light) is required. Legal requirements with regard to a low UGR value have been set in the working environment. Finally, PyraSied produces light guide plates. A light guide plate is irradiated on the front side (s) with LED strip (s). Due to the unique laser-beamed pattern, the light is evenly irradiated from the plate with a high light output.

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