Plastics wholesaler

  • 50.000m2 stock of sheet material
  • Largest stock of acrylic tubes and rods
  • Extensive stock of design plastics

Plastic fabrication

  • All fabrication facilities under 1 roof
  • 30 years' fabrication experience
  • 1,000m2 fabrication space

Material development

  • Development of custom-made materials
  • Optimisation of material properties
  • Introduction of new materials

Supply chain partner

  • Stock and facbrication under 1 roof
  • Careful quality control
  • Your own project team

Faux Translucent Stones

Faux Translucent Stones is an extremely elegant and highly attractive “natural” translucent material for interior use.

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Marine glazing

PyraSied has 9 different colours acrylic in stock for marine glazing. PyraSied can also make and replace boat windows – for private individuals too!

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Design acrylics

PyraSied is specialized in acrylic, in particular in design acrylics. Versato Fabric Inside is one of the many design sheets we have in stock.

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Field of work

PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic is a wholesaler and total supplier of plastics across the Netherlands and Europe. There is no such thing as distance for us. You can order our entire stock to your specifications and if you’re based in the Netherlands, the following applies: order before 12pm, delivered the next day.
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Our team

The PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic team comprises 22 expert and dedicated employees, who will handle your order with care. We have 30 years’ experience in plastic fabrication, for both unique assignments and repeat, high-quality serial production. Are looking for a total supplier of plastics? We would be happy to help


Partner in plastics

PyraSied is wholesaler, fabricator and specialist in three types of (design) plastic: acrylic, polycarbonate and Pet-G. We have an extensive stock of sheets, tubes and rods in these three materials. You are free to order from our stock by sheet, mixed pallet or full pallets. You can even order most of the materials to your specifications, which means we can not only cut saw also mill and or laser according to your drawings.