From a single sheet, we can make a thousand dreams come true

The fact that a sheet of plastic can be the source of numerous new worlds and creations is what makes our hearts race! That’s why we are so keen to share with you our love of materials and the infinite possibilities they offer. Discover the different types of materials and their characteristics and choose from among countless applications.

Dat een plaat kunststof de bron kan zijn van vele nieuwe werelden en creaties: daar gaat ons hart sneller van kloppen. Onze liefde voor materiaal en de oneindige mogelijkheden delen we dan ook graag met je. Ontdek de verschillende materiaalsoorten en materiaaleigenschappen en kies uit oneindig veel toepassingsmogelijkheden.

Choose from the following materials

Polystyrene sheets are extremely stiff and have a high level of impact resistance. Besides being impact-resistant and UV-resistant, these plastic sheets have virtually no thickness tolerance. This means the sheet has the same thickness throughout.
It goes without saying that the idea of waste being the source of sustainable materials is wonderful. However, the fact that you can keep on recycling these sustainable materials and using them again and again in the future is absolutely fabulous. Pyrasied’s product range includes sustainable collections made entirely from plastic waste.
Solid surface material is a premium, sustainable plastic made from mineral filler bonded in a polyester resin. This material is sustainable because it has a long service life and is not easily damaged. It is also resistant to chemicals, moisture and heat as well as being colourfast, food-safe and non-porous.
Polycarbonate is a plastic with an extraordinarily high impact resistance. This material is 250 times stronger than glass, making it excellent for use as glazing, walls, machine covers or for protective screens that need to be vandal-proof and burglar-resistant.
Acrylic is a particularly attractive material and we keep a wide variety of types in stock. The material stays beautiful and colourfast for a long time.
PETG is a plastic with excellent impact resistance, rigidity and chemical resistance. This material is more impact resistant than acrylic but less so than polycarbonate. As PETG bears the European food grade certification (SQF), it can be used for foodstuffs.

The bright future of recyclable materials

Plastic materials and sustainability: can we reconcile the two? Yes we can! First of all because plastic materials have a long service life, often lasting longer than brick or glass. At least as important, though, is the extent to which plastics can be recycled. It is in this area that we are currently making great strides. We have no other option because there is only one road to the future: the road to cradle-to-cradle or circular production.

Ever more eco-friendly alternatives

The environment is a crucial issue for Pyrasied and we are committed to operating our business sustainably in a number of ways. For example, we have a recycling service and our mission is to offer an eco-friendly alternative to all our product groups. If you love beautiful materials that are also sustainable, then Pyrasied is the supplier for you.

Are you looking for a custom solution?

If you have specific wishes or want to know which material best suits your needs.

Our brands

Pyrasied works with a wide selection of top brands. Together, they form the complete range of sustainable design and everyday plastics.

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